Pegasus 1/48 scale Martian War Machine, part 2

I opted to fill in the rotatable neck “flange” so that the body would be perfectly smooth and less toy-like, as well as the indented mount area on the bottom of the ship. This was my first time messing with the “super glue and baking soda” method of filling and I have to say it works pretty awesome. So much faster than typical filler.

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Bandai 1/12 scale R2-D2, part 1

I needed a break from reality so I put the mostly-finished Apache aside until I can airbrush it and grabbed my neglected R2 kit. I started on this last summer and then got distracted by other kits. Now, however, I’ve dived in to finish this one before building another. We’ll see.

I don’t feel like bothering with the airbrush right now so this is all spray paint. I didn’t like the slightly yellow-tinged white plastic color and found the blue to be very plastic-y looking, so I painted them with Tamiya spray paints. White parts are getting white primer followed by glass clear while blue gets an under coat of aluminum followed by a dark metallic blue that looks reasonably close to the “real” R2. Once the blue started to dry, I went at corners and edges with a toothpick and dinged him up like we always saw in the films. It came out pretty well just from putting the dome together.

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Moebius Space Clipper

This really isn’t a great kit. It has all kinds of accuracy issues, and plenty of issues with fit, but with 2001: A Space Odyssey being one of my favorite films of all time, I had to have it.┬áIt’s far from perfect – the overspray from a bungled experiment with my neglected airbrush is obvious, and the twin tail booms broke off and were lost rather quickly after it was built – but it’s the first model I finished in close to two decades, and even so, a year later, I’m still rather proud of it. Life is busy so my time to build models is limited, and in the past year since the space clipper was completed, I’ve only finished two other models. I’ve got a big stack of kits begging for attention, however. Continue reading “Moebius Space Clipper”