Refocusing, or maybe really defocusing

Alas, things change. The whole idea of this site was simply to be a place to show progress on models I’m working on. And that’s mostly because I found it so helpful to find others who’d worked on something I’m considering, thinking that maybe I could help someone else out. The problem is that I build slowly. Very slowly. Kind of like how I read books – sloooowly. I like to say that I “savor the process” and while that might sound silly, it really is true. I don’t rush, or I try not to, in general, because once something’s done, it’s done, and even revisiting it won’t be the same. But at the same time, I realize that following along with someone who isn’t rushing is not the most engaging experience, and it’s one I think we’ve all dealt with. I know I’ve looked up a particular kit and found a great build log… only to find that it stopped halfway through. I don’t follow blogs like I used to so I have to make a conscious effort to revisit that site to see if more has happened since the last time (more often than not, that answer is “no.”) The idea of “regular” blogging again has been bugging me since I started this site some time ago and I contemplated starting a different blog. And I like this particular domain a lot and it seemed silly to create another site with a new name that I probably won’t like as much. So only made sense to change the focus of this site from just models to whatever I feel like. If models bore you, well, I’ll have posts about music, or news, or just whatever dumb crap I feel like spewing about. And maybe I’ll post more often than once every six months or so.