Mind-baffling thought of the day

There is a point at the edge of the universe where one side would be lit by the entirety of the universe – every star, every galaxy, every planet, every atom ever in existence – while the other side faces complete and utterly infinite and empty blackness. And that blackness is unlike anything found anywhere else. Black, to us, is an absence of color, but out there, black would mean an absence of anything.

Ghost of the Grand Banks

Titanic, one of my great interests from way back in the 80s – when it was discovered 13,000 feet under the sea – may no longer exist in twenty years thanks to a previously unknown bacteria that is quickly eating away at it. Sad as this makes me, it also motivates me to begin building the huge kit that I recently bought (an update to a kit I’d built back then, then chopped apart and modified to create a sunken diorama.) But first I have some amazing add-on parts sets to get which will result in a far more accurate replica of this great ship than I’d normally be capable of. Usually I prefer making my own solutions for missing detail but this is a special case.