Moebius Space Clipper

This really isn’t a great kit. It has all kinds of accuracy issues, and plenty of issues with fit, but with 2001: A Space Odyssey being one of my favorite films of all time, I had to have it. It’s far from perfect – the overspray from a bungled experiment with my neglected airbrush is obvious, and the twin tail booms broke off and were lost rather quickly after it was built – but it’s the first model I finished in close to two decades, and even so, a year later, I’m still rather proud of it. Life is busy so my time to build models is limited, and in the past year since the space clipper was completed, I’ve only finished two other models. I’ve got a big stack of kits begging for attention, however.

Technicals, in case anyone is interested: I shot the photo outdoors using a Sony RX100, with the model mounted on my tripod using the kit-supplied stand, with a 3-image bracket of .3 EV. The model was framed against a bright green sheet of cardboard, in full mid-afternoon sunlight. The three RAW photos were merged in Lightroom, and the green screen removed and replaced with the earth in Photoshop, where additional lighting and color adjustments were made.


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