Zvezda Boeing 777-300ER, part 1

I found myself torn between projects I could start after finishing the A320, going so far as to post a picture of my kit stash on Facebook for suggestions of what to tackle next. I’ve got a bunch of the amazing Star Wars kits that Bandai’s been releasing for the past couple of years but nothing was calling to me. I started considering the Polar Lights Delorean Time Machine, but as I began looking into it, I found that there were so many little details that I’d want to get as correct as I could that I needed to put that on the backburner for awhile and do plenty of research in the meantime. So I came back to my small stack of airliner models and picked another Zvezda kit, this time Boeing’s huge 777-300ER. In short, my brain is in airliner-mode and I’ve already done a bunch of research and photo gathering. Continue reading “Zvezda Boeing 777-300ER, part 1”

Building the Zvezda Airbus A320

Of course, only after I finish and take these photos do I realize

that the nose gear is a little “knock-kneed.”

I received Zvezda’s gorgeous A320 kit for Christmas. The apparent onset of old age prevents me from remembering if it was Christmas 2015 or 2014. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that it sat around for a while as I finished up other projects. With as slowly as I build now, I’m lucky to finish four models a year, but I take my time and enjoy it much more than I did when I was younger and didn’t care much about making things the very best that I can. Now, if I get frustrated or bored, I just stop. Sometimes I completely stop, box it all up, and put it away while I move on to something else that piques my interest. Continue reading “Building the Zvezda Airbus A320”