Pegasus 1/48 scale Martian War Machine, part 1.5

Well, that search was short: I found the ideal copper spray paint in the form of Krylon Foil Metallica Copper. This was behind lock and key at Hobby Lobby for about $6 – be sure and get their always-available 40% coupon to lower that price even more. I was doubtful that it would truly be all that special, figuring I’d at least need to polish it up to get a semi-realistic copper shine, but nope, straight out of the can and you get the result below. The color is way off of the cap, but it looks more like real copper. This is a winner.

On a side note, why are the spray paint companies allowed to misrepresent their paint like this? I’ve gone decades assuming that no “chrome” paint will ever live up to the chrome-plated cap, and similarly assuming any metal-sheen paints won’t even come close to reality. I’m glad to see that technology has caught up to spray paint colors, but I spent a good long part of my life resentfully doubtful about the deception and it’s hard not to scoff at claims like the sticker below.

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