Bandai 1/12 scale R2-D2, part 2

R2 has come a long way in the past couple of days. This is the beauty of these Bandai kits. With just a little extra work, they turn out amazingly well. I really haven’t put all that much time and effort into this little guy but it looks pretty impressive, IMO. That said, everything is painted and weathered, and that really makes all the difference in the world from a straight-outta-box kit. I’m almost sad this is going together so quickly, but that just means I can move on to the next thing in my stash, right?

So the rumors that I’ve been reading about Bandai plastic and solvent-based weathering are true. Granted, in this case I had to yank the top-most white piece off to fit in a silver part I’d forgotten to sandwich in the leg parts (can’t see it in this view, sorry.) I’d already applied some Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color to that seam between the two halves of R2’s shoulder there, and the strain cracked the part much easier and much more severe than it should have. I hadn’t encountered this issue in the other two Bandai Star Wars kits (C3P0 and T-70 X-wing.) I’ll just have to be much more careful with the rest of this build. I’ve already used the Panel Line colors all over, so it would probably be pretty noticeable if I stopped. Oh well.

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